Circa 2004 – bushwalking in the Blue Mountains where I live (100K West of Sydney,  Australia).


In New Zealand on my honeymoon.

Once Was…


Sitting on the edge of Hanging Rock at Blackheath. Circa early 1990’s.

1980’s to 1994 I worked in Sydney in various jobs, nothing special or worth talking about. At that time however I was road cycling all over Sydney and anywhere within a couple of hundred kilometres of it. 10+ years of 500-800 K’s per week is rather hard on the body, especially if you crash regularly! Twice I was run into by cars and off to the hospital once again – dangerous sport!

In 1990 (or there about) I did manage to be first in the Sydney to Wollongong bike ride. Just under 100K in 2 hours and 43 minutes. This was before the time trials started so it was not official.

I then worked in the outdoor guiding industry for about 10 years teaching Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Canyoning and Technical Ropes Courses. Canyoning was my speciality! Having spent the previous 10 years canyoning for fun, I basically walked into a job with the Blue Mountains Adventure Company, Rocksport and then set up my own company – Blue Mountains Ropewerx.

Unfortunately the associated injuries from all the outdoor activities and 10 years of competetive road cycling has left my joints a bit sore and inflexible.

More to come…